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Photo assistant
Mobil: +81-90-9312-2706  Office: +81-3-3609-6080


Martin is an experienced, freelance, photo assistant based in metropolis of Japan in the Tokyo.

He has been working in Europe, USA (New York), North Africa( Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco), Middle East (Israel, Syria, Jordan, Turkey) an Japan (all over the Japan).

He has assisted over 5 years and has rich experience in the commercial and editorial photography (including portraits, fashion, automobile advertising, architecture).
He is able to help photographers to set up their shooting schedule, assist during taking pictures, rent a car, rent a photo equipment, book location service or photo studio.
He will try to assist you in making your images a success!


  • Services:
  • assisting during taking pictures
  • renting a car
  • driving a car
  • order a location service
  • guiding in Tokyo (Japan)
  • speak English and native Czech language
  • basic Japanese, Russian language abilities
  • computers ( Mac & PC), FTP, internet, Data Back-up.....
  • Documents
  • valid passport
  • international driving license
  • international journalist ID
  • working permission

Please contact me and feel free to ask questions about all problems related to your assignment in Japan. 

Sample of prices for rent of photo equipment, car, studio:
Digital Camera 35mm:   JPN
Nikon D3X 25,000
  D3 20,000
D700 15,000
  D300 12,000
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 25,000
  EOS 1D Mark III 20,000
  EOS 5D Mark II 15,000
  EOS 50D 11,000
Medium Format Camera:    
Hasselblad H2 6,500
  503 CW 5,500
Mamiya 645AF 645AF-D 4,500
Digital Backs:    
Phase One P45+ (Hassel V/H mount) 60,000
  P30+ (Hassel V/H mount) 55,000
  P25+ (Hassel V/H mount) 55,000
Leaf Aptus75s (Hassel V mount) 60,000
  Aptus22   (Hassel V mount) 55,000
Strobo Lights:    
Profoto Pro-B2 1200 + 1 head 9,000
  Pro-7b 1200 + 1 head 8,000
  Pro-Acute B 600 + 1 head 6,000
  Pro-8 1200 + 1 head 9,000
  Pro-8 2400 + 1 head 12,000
  Pro-7s 1500 + 1 head 8,000
  Pro-7s 3000 + 1 head 11,000
  Pro-7a 3000 + 1 head 11,000
  spare battery for Pro-7b 2,000
Soft Box:    
Chimera XS   40x55 2,000
  S      60x80 2,500
  L    135x180 5,000
Photoflex OctoDome S     91cm 3,000
  M  152cm 5,000
  L   213cm 6,000
Rent Car small wan 5-7 passengers 21,000/day
  middle size van till 7 passengers 21,000/day
  big size van max. 8-10 passengers 25-28,000/day
Location Service minibus till 7hours and 80km 50,000/day
Photo Studio    
  Large studio-shoot of cars, bigger group of people           11 x 20 x 6m 21,000/h
(minimum 6hours)
  Middle size studio-smaller group of people, bigger still setup 7 x 11 x 4m 12,600/h
(minimum 5hours)
  Smaller studio-portrait of single person, small setup          5 x 6 x 4m 10,500/h
(minimum 3hours)